Walking on Skiathos

The Island of Skiathos is a rather small island. Measuring only 11km length and 5km width, very ambitious walkers might not even need any other kind of transportation, to see the whole island. Today, almost all of the original footpaths have become dirt roads, but there is very little traffic and the views are just as beautiful. And you might even find secret places, that are not accessible by any other transportation.
Seasoned walkers may start at Troulos in the south, walk north to Kounistra Monastery and Kechria, stop at Agios Ioannis on the way. On your return you can pass the stream bed and valley of Platanias and Agia Paraskevi . Another walk will take you from Skiathos Town via Evangelistra Monastery to Kastro , visiting several small, picturesque churches on the way.
For those walkers who prefer a little gentler walk, take the bus to stop No. 24 (Mandraki peninsula) and then follow the path through the woods to find Elias Bay and Xerxes beach . The path will lead you through thick pine forest and after about half an hour walking ends on quiet nice beaches.
Another recommended walk is around the peninsula of Kalamaki . It takes about an hour, the paths are very gentle and you will be rewarded with breathtakingly beautiful views along the way.
Of course there are many other paths you may find yourself. Just always remember to protect yourself from too much sun and bring along enough water, because especially in the summer months it can get quite hot and you may not always end up at a tavern or a supermarket.